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Al-Iman Sunday School

Canyon Oaks Elementary School

475 Silver Oak Trail, American Canyon, CA 94503

Al-Iman School History

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmat Allahu wa barakatu!


The Start of Al Iman School

 The story about Al Iman School is a humble story, and may Allah make it a story of success for the benefit of the community, the ummah (Muslim nation), and all who helped in the schools progress. Al Iman School did not start out as a school at all.  As a matter of fact, it started out with a kind woman, willing to open her home to help a few parents by helping their children learn some of the beauties of Islam.  Dr. Mervat Elaraby started to teach the youthful minds in her own home about some basic fundamentals of the way of submitting to Allah through worship and peace, understanding the importance for the children to be equipped with the knowledge to help them succeed in this life and the next.  As more and more parents discovered the much needed service that Dr. Elaraby was providing, the number of students in her home began to grow.  There soon became a need for more space.  The Vacaville Islamic Center answered the call for help by opening their doors and provided an atmosphere to allow more students to participate.  With a growing student body, there was growing participation from the community with volunteers and teachers; however, it was very clear that the informal gathering had to become more structured.  

 The School

 The student body had grown from 6 in 2003 to over 70 pupils in the current 2014-2015 school year. The volunteering teachers and participating parents set priorities to organize the classes follow a curriculum and make it absolutely clear to all that only accurate information is taught to the students.  Currently Al Iman School has four classes and a preschool program as well.  The subjects taught are Quran Reading and Memorization (Hifz), Tafseer Quran, Arabic, Hadith (Rasoul Allah's Saying) and Islamic Studies.  The materials and books used to teach are approved and ordered from Darussalam Publications and Iqra Publication.  Al Iman School?s student body has grown too big for the space kindly provided to us by the Islamic Center.  The school has purchased property in American Canyon, California and is presently raising funds necessary to erect the school building. The school had in the past partnered with Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims (SALAM), a successful local organization that shared its resources and helped guide us into the right direction to establish Al Iman School successfully. We are registered as a non-profit organization and our official NPO name is Solano County Islamic Center.  

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