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                   Our Goals:

   The goals of North Bay Academy are as follows:

  • Host the school for grades TK-6 in a rental space starting in the 2017-2018 school year

  • Move to the school's permanent location once the building is completed on the purchased SCIC land plot in American Canyon

  • Host a daycare

    Insha Allah, the North Bay Academy will be the heart of a future, multi-       functional, Solano County Islamic Center. 

Who We Are:

We are an organization composed of dedicated parents, teachers, and volunteers from all over the North Bay who wish to see our community strongly educated and thriving.



North Bay Academy will be following the standard California government mandated curriculum for all core subjects. This will be combined with internationally accredited Islamic Studies and Arabic curriculums.


Charter School Affiliation:


Students will be registered to North Bay Academy through one of several charter schools. These charter schools will also help us maintain a high quality of education for our students.



Teachers will be thoroughly assessed and selected based on qualifying credentials and experience to provide your child with the best possible education.

Needs and Progress:

Immediate Needs 
(Rental Location - August 2018)


  • Building Rental Fees

  • School Supplies

  • Staff Costs

  • Maintenance Costs


Completed Building Progress

(Permanent Location)


  • Civil Engineer Study

  • Land Surveyor Analysis and Study

  • City Peer Review

  • Geological Earthquake Study

  • Land Purchase (American Canyon - 1.43 Acres)

Future Needs 
(Permanent Location) 
Target Completion Date July 2020


  • Modular Building

  • Building of Parking Lots

  • Drainage Construction and Connection

  • Water/Sewer Hookup

  • Landscape/Sidewalks Building

  • Architect Study and Blueprints

  • Procurement/Placement of Classrooms

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